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From the mind of Bryn Reynolds, a new set of fantastic Mentalism that you can add to your repertoire. Praised by top Mentalists around the world, in "The Logar Scrolls" you will find value and powerful routines.

Words from Bryn:

Five of the effects are the instructions and new handling variations for some of my previously marketed individual efffects, which I'm thankful have been quite highly reviewed over the years.   As far as the variations, for example, I include about 6 new utilizations just for the modus employed by the BusinessCOIN Prediction, which are in essence completely separate and new effects, so it really is more than 5 effects in this category. 

Other tips and tricks for existing routines, both learned by me through countless performances, and purchaser feedback, are also included.   As far as the new, unreleased, routines: one is a mentalism effect utilizing coins (and for sake of disclosure, it requires a gimmick; if you don't have it they are around $10 on Ebay,) one is a dual thought of card effect with two endings, one by me and one by Richard Osterlind (as proud as I was of MY handling, Richard's is honestly better, and moves it into a whole new unexplainable class,) and the third "new" effect is one Richard never released, but has performed forever. I'm humbled he gave it to me to do with as I wished. That particular effect, "THE GIFT", is now my "go-to." I pair it after doing a thought of card effect from my other eBook (and sometimes DURING) and I can get 10-15 minutes with nothing but a pen and paper, if that. 

Table of Content

1. The Notebook: Small utility billet index / switching device 
2. RiffleThink: A dual playing card divination with multiple endings detailed, one by Richard Osterlind! 
3. ESPnvelope: A fantastic peek envelope that you can show in all directions! (including  "COINSUKE," s psychometric-type routine using coins)
4.My “$” dollar bill serial number divination: Praised by several professionals around the world. NO SWITCHES (including "The “$” KIT!")
5."DOUBLE-DOWN": My casino cards effect, as seen in Richard Osterlind's "NO CAMERA TRICKS!" DVD set (including "DOUBLE-DOWN BONUS" utilizing a casino chip )
6. "The BusinessCOIN Prediction":  And SEVERAL variations I have developed utilizing the "BCP technology" 
7.  "The GIFT" by Richard Osterlind: Sort of an "add-a-no" but no gimmicks and a lot more personal and entertaining    

It is with with profound pleasure that I can tell you the Logar Scrolls are now available! I have a lot of this material already. Bryn is one of the few creators whose material I actually USE in real shows. There is not one bit of filler is this book. There is not one weak effect. Everything is TOP NOTCH and totally professional. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am at this release.
Richard Osterlind

Yes, I highly recommend this. And, yes, I have to admit that I'm a bit biased since I have a contribution in this.  However, if one peruses my catalog, you'll see that quite a few of the included pieces in this e-book have already been covered individually and enthusiastically as previously separate releases ($, Double-Down, ESPnvelope, The BusinessCOIN Prediction).  Everything in here can be considered good, solid workers.  Period. 
The ONLY reason that I can conceive of any working professional not wanting this is because you have everything in here already. My only additional comment would be that most of these are close-up mentalism effects, but some can certainly be adapted to parlour or stage, if one wants.  This is a sixty-five page downloadable e-book. As I said at the start, yes, I highly recommend this."

 I love how Bryn has expanded a number of the principles as well (like BCP Wrist-Watch, Crystal Ball and the other one I won't mention out loud). These are all rock-solid routines, tools and principles. 
Sean Waters 

Another winner!
Don't miss it!
Luca Volpe

His first book, 'The Safwan Papers', was packed with stellar material that was developed in the middle of a war-zone. Bryn's newest book, 'The Logar Scrolls', shares the same two distinctions: the material was conceived and developed by a working soldier in the field and again, it is ALL first-rate stellar. 
The Logar Scrolls makes me glad Bryn's on our side. 
Mick Ayres
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